Omaha Hi Low Scoop

In the community card game of Omaha there is a lot of choice. There are many different ways to play the game, but one of the more popular by far is called Omaha Hi Low. The way this game is played is just like regular Omaha, but with a caveat; you can split the pot. As no two players can come up with exactly the same hand in Omaha, as the hands must use three table cards and two pocket cards, it would seem impossible to split the pot. Hi Low is the key, however. If a player manages to make the nut low hand, meaning the lowest possible hand, he will spilt the pot with the player who made the highest hand. Many players will play low, especially if they end up with an Ace and a Two or an Ace and a Three in their four starting cards. However, splitting a pot is nowhere near as profitable as scooping a pot.

Scooping a pot means taking the entire pot without have to split it. It would seem like this would be twice as good as splitting, but in reality it is even better than that. The reason is because of the money you are investing in the pot. If you are playing a three way pot and each player puts in $20, scooping will get you $60, less your investment of $20, with a $40 profit; if you split, you get $30 minus $20 equaling ten dollars, which means scooping is four times better. Another example would be a six way pot at $20 a pop. Splitting gets you $60 minus $20, or $40, while scooping gets you $120 minus $20, or $100.

When you play Hi Low, splitting is certainly better than getting nothing at all, but you should be aiming for the scoop.

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