Tom Dwan loses more than $4 million in a single day

texaspokerWhen you play with the big boys at nose bleed stakes, you have to accept the possibility of losing huge amounts and this is something that Tom Dwan knows all too well. Nevertheless, when the poker professional announced on Twitter that he lost the largest amount in his poker career, everyone was curious about the sheer numbers. It was obvious that the loss counted in millions, but until recently nobody knew for sure what it was all about. made some light in the subject and it looks like the American player lost $4 million in a poker session in Macau. He sat down at live tables and 24 hours later he realized that he lost the seven digit sum and decided to call it a day, convinced that nothing is going his way.

This is not the first time that a poker professional loses a lot of money in a single session, and those who play at these stakes often know that it is very difficult to know when to quit. Dwan is prone to suffer ample swings, both upwards and downwards because he is a fan of aggressive poker and frequently commits his entire stack with mediocre hands. Even so, he wins the vast majority of pots, because his opponents are downright terrified to call knowing that one false step can cost them their entire bankroll.

It is not certain at what stakes Tom Dwan was playing in Macau but given the fact that the same source revealed that the pots frequently exceeded $40,000, it is not hard to make an assumption. A combination of bad luck, tilt and fatigue as well, is always deadly and it is quite possible that Tom was the victim of these three factors. He refused to disclose additional information about what actually happened at the tables, but the essential data has surfaced in the media.

Given the fact that this is not the first time when Dwan loses a big amount and he always found a way of returning to form and offsetting losses, it is safe to assume that he would overcome this incident fairly easily. Offsetting the financial loss itself is going to be much more difficult and the poker professional will have to finish 2013 on a high note just to make sure that he finishes above the profit line.

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