Why Play Multiple Tables

You may have heard the stories: online poker player, many times poker pros, who play more than one table at once. They have two or more windows open, and on each one a game is taking place, and they are in those games. One player, Justin Bonomo, has been known to play as many as ten game at once, using two computer monitors, going back and forth, making decisions at super speed and, apparently, doing very well. While your game may not be at the level of ZeeJustin (his online name) you can work your way up to playing multiple tables too. Just to make sure there is no confusion, multiple tables refer to being in more than one game at a time, not a multi-table tournament.

But why SHOULD you play multiple tables? Quite simply because more tables means more hands per hour. One of the Internet poker world’ greatest attributes is that you can play more hands of poker per hour than you can in live games. More hands, especially when you are learning the game, is defiantly better, as it gives you both more experience in the same amount of time as live games, and the potential to earn more money. Another benefit to playing more hands is that many online poker rooms have a “number of hands played” requirement for you to qualify for bonus money and more hands means your money is released faster.

Check with the poker room you play to see if you can play more than one table at a time. Many sites allow at least two tables of simultaneous play. Start at low limits, even if you are a good player. If your regular game is $1/$2, don’t worry about starting at $0.05/$0.10 limits; as this is a new technique to you, your game may suffer as you learn the ropes, and there is no need for this lesson to be an expensive one.

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