“The Professional Poker Dealer’s Handbook” by Dan Paymar, Donna Harris, and Mason Malmuth

The Professional Poker Dealer’s Handbook is the guide for pro poker dealers to make more out of their jobs and be successful at them. This paperback, written by Dan Paymar, Donna Harris, and Two Plus Two’s Mason Malmuth, runs for about twenty bucks and should be good to increase a dealer’s earnings by quite a bit more than the price of admission.

Dan Paymar, born and raised in Flint, Michigan, spent four years becoming an engineer at Michigan Tech. He worked in the computer industry until 1989 when he went back to school to learn to deal poker, after which he moved to Las Vegas. Dan wrote a fifty page booklet as part of his role as a dealer instructor at Casino Gaming School – the genesis of this book.

Donna Harris, born and raised in California, came to Las Vegas in 1979 as the first female official for the World Cup of Darts. A year later she returned to Vegas to deal blackjack, but soon turned to poker, which she dealt until 1985, and is now the card room manager at the Mirage.

Anyone familiar with Two Plus Two publishing knows the name Mason Malmuth, born and raised in Coral Gables, Florida. Mason has published many books on many aspects of the gambling and poker industries.

The first sentence of the book sums up both its purpose and its content, “If you as a poker dealer know and understand everyone’s objectives and how management views those objectives, then you will better realize how important your individual role is – and how it fits into the scheme of a successful operation.” If poker dealing is your game, then learning from these three is your next stop.

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