Omaha No Luck

Luck plays a factor in all poker games; some more than others. One game where luck is very much a small determining factor in winning is Omaha. In Omaha, as compared to Texas Hold’em, the game from which it borrows many of its elements, more of your hand is known on the flop, and when you are calculating what cards make you the nut hand, you know exactly how many outs you have. In Hold’em, for example, on the flop you known your outs, but they could change drastically on the turn, and even more so on the river. Thus Hold’em becomes a game with much more of a luck factor than Omaha, and therefore makes it harder to win than Omaha, if you are playing both games correctly.

Math also plays a big role in all forms of poker, and just as luck plays a small part in Omaha, math plays a larger part, in almost an identical proportion. When you are sitting with the flop you know exactly how many cards are out there that will make you a winner, and how many will make you a looser, and from that math you can determine your probability of winning. If you do your math right and you know you are a winner ninety percent of the time, then you are sitting good. In Hold’em there are too many chances of getting out drawn on the river, resulting in often comical antics from poker players like Phil Hellmuth, who insist that this is a result of bad poker play from the guy beating him. Perhaps Phil’s game is really Omaha.

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