Minimize Online Poker Risk For Beginners

How can you build an online poker bankroll with little or no risk to yourself? Believe it or not, it is a pretty easy thing to do. Online poker is hotter than ever, and competing poker rooms are laying out sign up bonus left and right, allowing new players to sign up and get matches if up to 100% of their deposits, up to as much as $600 or more. In essence, some poker rooms are giving away $600 for “free.” Now, the word free is in quotes because there are a few things you would need to do in order to take out that six hundred bucks and deposit it back into your bank account, but as you will see they are not asking the world from you.

Online deposit bonus work generally like this: you sign up for an account and make a deposit, usually though Neteller or some other form that the poker room will explain to you. Once you make your deposit, then the poker room puts money in your account equal to their matching percentage and up to a cap. If they are matching you 25% and you put in $100, they are going to put in $25. If they have a cap of $100 and you put in $1,000, you are going to get $100, not $250.

There will be some kind of criteria to either get the deposit or to take it out; usually you have to play in a certain number of raked hands, which means hands that the poker room takes a piece of. Considering the amount of funds they will bonus you, and if you play in the lowest level of raked hands allowed, you are only risking the money they are giving you. If, in the end, you decide this online poker think is not for you, you will likely have most or all of your initial deposit left to take out, and possibly more.

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