Is Poker Software Good To Use

It is a fair question, and one that certainly needs to be answered before a poker player shells out upwards of a hundred dollars on poker software. The answer, much like the answer to any question about poker, is, “it depends.”
What do you want?
What are you hoping to get out of the software? If it is a game and you just want to play, there are plenty of free, play money site online that you could play, facing real people. These games are not without their function of course, purely for fun. If you are hoping to become a better player, then it is another story.

Not that poker game playing programs can’t help, especially if you are new to the game. Learning the hand ranks and how tournaments work and the like are all needed steps to improving your poker game. There is a point of diminishing return, however, where the more time you put into the game the less you get out of it in terms of improving your poker skills. At this point it is definitely time to move on.

Games versus Instructors
Some poker software is designed to teach you the game at various levels; they, as part of the process, also serve as poker playing programs, for the only real way to learn poker is to play the game. But these instruction driven programs will analyze the way you play, not just keep score, and allow you to conduct your own poker experiments at your own speed and level. These are highly recommended in general, but in specific an interested buyer should read the individual program reviews before making a choice.

In the end, the point of poker is to play it, and that is the best way to get better at the game. Use play poker and poker programs to get to a comfortable level of proficiency, and then take the leap to the next level and start out in low limit cash games.

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