How Many Poker Sites Are Enough

Will there come a time when no new poker sites are being announced in the world of Poker News and Press Release Marketing Strategy? It is hard to imagine that day, but it may come. It certainly isn’t coming soon with the evidence of the recent flood of new poker sites hitting the virtual highway on what seems like a daily basis. Not only are new companies launching sites, existing companies are launching sister-sites and modifications to existing sites as well, further crowding the market. Competition is good, but is there a point where enough is enough?

From the big, giant forerunners, such as Party Poker, Poker Stars and the like, to the medium sized, well backed outfits like Full Tilt Poker (the brainchild and hard work of pro poker Chris “Jesus” Ferguson is behind that one) and Paradise Poker, to the branding efforts like Cindy Margolis’s new site, Cindy’s Poker, one has to wonder what is coming next; is McDonalds going to open a poker site, or perhaps Coca Cola will tap into the enticing billions that are floating around the world in the poker industry. There are only so many downloaded poker programs a person can have on a computer before it gets pretty overwhelming, which makes it all the more important to be choosy when picking sites.
Downloading sites that have play money sides to their coin is a good idea, as it allows you to check out the room, how well it runs on your computer, and how much you like the interface before going to the effort of depositing cash into a player account. It seems like the bubble will burst eventually, and all the new sites will find that, unless they can discover a really unique selling position, they are simply drawing dead.

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