Getting the Most Out of Promos

You’ve seen them plastered all over the Internet; ads for poker rooms, offering bonuses and matches and who knows what else in return for your custom. The new customer fever burns hotter than ever these days, with the bigger, more established poker rooms trying to keep their own customers and steal away others, as well as prevent hemorrhaging of players to the new kids on the block. The problem many new players face when trying to pick a good promo to follow is how to make the most of it. A match of 100% up to $600 is a great offer, if you have $600 to deposit in a new poker account. If you don’t, don’t despair, simply read on.

If you are just getting started in the poker room world, never fear. Simply pick a decent level bonus for the amount you are going to deposit, and then get started. A good example would be a site offering a 25% match; if make a minimum deposit of $20, you will get a few extra dollars to play with. Even better, look for a buddy who can refer you, and you might double your initial deposit with a bonus. At this point you can start playing with the casino’s money instead of your own.

But, back to how to take advantage of the bigger offers; you build up to it. If you get in with a minimum deposit and build your bankroll up to a few hundred bucks, perhaps with a tournament win, don’t just draw out the money and go get a new Xbox; move it to another poker room. Use that money to make money in a poker room with one of those big promos; then go have fun with the extra cash.

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