Championship Omaha by Tom McEvoy and T.J. Cloutier

If you have to ask what Omaha is, you may have been watching too much Celebrity Poker Showdown. Texas Holdem may have captured the imagination of the general public, but hardcore poker players know there are more than Holdem games out there, and Omaha is one of the most popular of them. Championship Omaha, a thirty dollar paperback book by Tom McEvoy and T.J. Cloutier, who hold four World Series of Poker titles in Omaha between them, takes a player from the basics of the game to the top, which is possible with the two champions as the authors.

Reading the board for high cards is a fairly knee-jerk reaction in most poker players, but in many forms of Omaha low cards can win the pot, or at least half of it. Reading the board for both high and low winning hands is a very important skill, and one of the many that Championship Omaha teaches its readers. There are the same kind of tournaments for Omaha as there are for Holdem, but all the rules don’t translate, so the authors go over freezeouts and rebuys and what to do differently in each.

In Omaha it is sometimes correct to fold the nuts on the flop. This and many other nuances make Omaha a tricky game for the Holdem player, but both Cloutier and McEvoy are champs at both games, so Championship Omaha will treat the reader right.

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