Isildur1 dominates Pot Limit Omaha and 2-7 Triple Draw tables

When you do what you know best, the chances to succeed are much better than when you take chances and venture into uncharted territory. Viktor Blom does both, because he constantly crushes pot limit Omaha and triple draw tables, while taking his chances at Texas hold ’em no limit games. This doesn’t mean that he […]

Play OESDs and flush draws aggressively

If you were to look them up the poker dictionary, straight and flush draws are by definition hands that need to be improved to have any showdown value. As they are, they are absolutely worthless and even if the odds of hitting something are in your favor, you should exercise caution. Going all in with […]

Emotion Check – Pick the Right Time to Play

It happens to everyone; a bad day at the office, a fight with your spouse, the 20th consecutive day of bumper to bumper traffic, the dog ate your favorite shoes – whatever the cause, everyone reaches a point where it can be hard to keep your emotions in check.

Getting the Most Out of Promos

You’ve seen them plastered all over the Internet; ads for poker rooms, offering bonuses and matches and who knows what else in return for your custom.

Contracts, Poker, and the Fine Print

Watching the World Poker Tour show “Young Guns” it is easy to put yourself in the hip shoes of these young people, all in their early twenties, all professional poker players and making a living playing a game they love. The lure of it is powerful, and the tools are all right there; you don’t […]

Why Calling Is a Bad Idea

Annie Duke has been heard to say that one of the biggest problems new poker players have is that they call too often. Either the hands you have are playable, which constitutes a raise, or they are not, which constitutes a fold (or check if you are the position to do so.) According to this […]

Trapping Is for the Pros

Okay, “trapping is for the pros” is a bit of an overstatement, but the general idea holds true. Trying to trap your opponent in poker is a very risky business that is best left to the experienced players until one gets enough poker prowess to do it successfully. An unsuccessful trap often results in bad […]

The Importance of Building Chip Stacks

Why do people buy health insurance? Why is auto insurance such a big industry? Why are life insurance companies so successful? Because life is a risky thing, and unpredictable; even if you are the most healthy, best driving, longest lived person in the world, you can never predict when something bad may happen, even something […]

Why Play Multiple Tables

You may have heard the stories: online poker player, many times poker pros, who play more than one table at once. They have two or more windows open, and on each one a game is taking place, and they are in those games. One player, Justin Bonomo, has been known to play as many as […]

Sometimes You Need to Forget the Rules

If you have heard it once, you have heard it a thousand times as you are learning to get good at your poker game, “playing tight and aggressive is the best style of poker play and will earn you the most money.” There are plenty of arguments to support this idea, although it might be […]

Keeping Track of Online Players

Playing online poker is certainly a different animal than playing live poker. One of the biggest differences, one that is both a strength and a weakness to the game, is the fact that players drop in and out of games with an alarming frequency.

The Dangers Of Poker TV

Here is the problem with poker TV: the commentators often speak in absolutes. Even when they try not to speak in absolutes, watching TV does something funny to the receptive abilities of the person watching it; they often gloss over or even completely edit out information that is vital to really, truly understanding what they […]

Poker Mental Toughness

Shake it off. That’s what the coach always tells you when your team gets scored on for the fifth time in a row. That’s what your training tells you when you hit the ice after missing a jump during practice, and it practically screams it if you miss a jump during a competition.

Managing Ego

Do you want to be a GREAT poker player? Not just a great poker player, the kind who can make money at the game and walks away from the table ahead way more than behind, but a GREAT poker player, the kind that makes it to final tables. The kind that WINS final tables. THAT […]

Kill Pots

What is a Kill Pot, and how should your game change when you play them? A Kill Pot is, at its essence, a pot where the casino doubles the stakes for one hand, and typically occurs when a single player wins two pots in a row. In that case the very next hand will be […]

Fish Shouldn’t Bluff

Every poker player who gets into the game for the first time tries to bluff. It is only natural, as they have seen countless examples of this kind of poker play on TV and in Movies, and even more so now that poker has become so popular that a new tournament or variety poker show […]

Minimize Online Poker Risk For Beginners

How can you build an online poker bankroll with little or no risk to yourself? Believe it or not, it is a pretty easy thing to do. Online poker is hotter than ever, and competing poker rooms are laying out sign up bonus left and right, allowing new players to sign up and get matches […]

Building Your Rocky Image

If you have played poker for a while then you know what a Rock is; a player who is very tight and passive, who miserly holds on to his or her chips and only risks them on the sure bets. Playing against a rock means getting out of his way when he enters the pot, […]

Omaha No Luck

Luck plays a factor in all poker games; some more than others. One game where luck is very much a small determining factor in winning is Omaha.

Why Passive Players Are Dangerous

It turns out that passive poker players can be dangerous foes. Who would have guessed? The very name “passive” suggests otherwise, that they will meekly allow you to do as you please with no resistance. That is not completely true, and if you approach playing a passive foe, especially heads up, you could be in […]

Test Your Might

Okay, so you have decided you have got what it takes to make a living playing poker. Even if you have not come that far down the pike, you make be ready to kick your hobby playing up a notch and really see if you have what it takes to make money on a regular […]

Managing Luck In Poker

Poker is often considered a game of luck, like so many other forms of gambling. While luck does play a factor, skill also comes into play. If you think that might not be the case, consider blackjack and the team of MIT students who developed a mathematical system that gave them somewhere in the neighbor […]

The Value of Poker TV

What, many poker diehards often wonder, is the point of Poker TV? Isn’t poker all about playing the game, as opposed to watching it? If that is the case, what possible value is there in having televised poker programs?

Is Poker Software Good To Use

It is a fair question, and one that certainly needs to be answered before a poker player shells out upwards of a hundred dollars on poker software. The answer, much like the answer to any question about poker, is, “it depends.”

How Many Poker Sites Are Enough

Will there come a time when no new poker sites are being announced in the world of Poker News and Press Release Marketing Strategy? It is hard to imagine that day, but it may come. It certainly isn’t coming soon with the evidence of the recent flood of new poker sites hitting the virtual highway […]

Creative Poker Hands

The game is Texas Hold’em, where you are dealt two starting cards, often called pocket cards, that you get to keep secret unless someone calls you after the river card is dealt, or you and all the other players are All In on a hand. One of the first things a new player tries to […]

Key Skills For Winning Poker – Mathematics

When a plumber attempts to fix your sink, he will not be very effective if he opens his tool box and finds only some pez dispensers and slinky. To do the job right, the plumber will need to have the proper tools for the job. Poker players may not come to the table with a […]

Is Online Poker Legal?

The internet is the new wild wild west. The lack of regulation enables every sort of vice available. With the ACLU still protecting NAMBLA, who use the internet to advance the idea that the age of consent should be lowered to eight, the idea of gambling online seems tame by comparison. It is a viable […]

Texas Holdem Tips

First thing you should do – watch your time at the table. If you are fully involved in the game and don’t notice anything around – beware, simple playing can become an addiction!

The Best Draw

One of the more classic lines of fatherly wisdom often used in Old West movies goes something like this: “The last thing my Pa ever said was, ‘Son, don’t let a stranger hold your wallet, and never, ever draw to an inside straight.

The Assumptions of Poker Books

If you’re interested in becoming a better poker player there are a number of things you must do. First, you need to play a lot of poker. Second, you need to learn proper poker strategies, most often found in good poker books. Then, you need to play a lot more poker. Poker books, ever since […]

Too Much Bluffing is Bad for You

The major reason why too much bluffing is bad for you is because it feels like it is good for you. If you’re confused, don’t worry – that’s natural. In fact, the natural state of the human existence is counter to success in poker: it is ideas like this that are so successfully discussed in […]

Your Brilliance or Their Incompetence?

You’ve played poker for a long time and you’ve put a lot of hours to study the game, so naturally you feel a sense of accomplishment when you do well. When you bust a player out of a game, you might feel tempted to give yourself a pat on the back, puff out your chest […]

Go Small or Go Home

You have more than likely heard the expression “go big or go home” when playing poker. This phrase is often delivered by someone who is screwing up the courage to make a decision, and — if not a cover for a conservative playing style — could indicate a maniac style of play.

Down Time = Practice Time

What do you do when you’re playing poker and you are not actually playing poker? If you have played much poker at all, you know that there is a large part of the time you are sitting at the table or in front of your computer monitor during which you are not actively in the […]

Your Biggest Cash Game Component – You

Tournament poker play is all the rage these days, especially with such poker television shows as the World Poker Tour in the World Series of Poker. Many newcomers to the world of online poker might be in for a bit of a shock if they log on and go directly to the first games typically […]

Why Play Play Money?

Is there really any point to playing poker online with fake money? Most poker sites will have a section that apes the real money section that is completely free, where replenishing your bankroll is as easy as clicking on the cashier and requesting money.

The Current Threat to US Online Poker

In Washington, DC, elected American officials want to put an end to your fun. While that may not exactly be their campaign slogan, if some of them get their way it might be the end result. There are a number of bills under review in the United States Congress that could put an end to […]

Is Pro Poker a Job?

You see them every week on the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker; professional poker players, making their living on the pro tournament circuit, paying their bills by playing cards. The idea is a romantic one, and the paydays you see them win certainly seem big enough to support a person, but […]

When Distractions Help

You really want to be focused when you are playing poker, even online poker. Keeping your mind on the game means that when it is your time to act, you can act in your best interests. You want to be on the proactive side as much as you can, putting everyone else on the reactive […]

Poker Tax

Have you ever thought of becoming a professional gambler? It seems that everyone and his brother are becoming professional poker players these days, but every story that sings the praise of these players leaves out the fact that these players have to pay taxes on their winnings.

Secrets of Professional Pot-Limit Omaha by Rolf Slotboom

If you would like to know what the pro players know about the game of Pot-Limit Omaha, or PLO as it is often known as, then this book is for you. The title gives it away – Secrets of Professional Pot-Limit Omaha – written by Rolf Slotboom, retailing for twenty dollars, and available at Amazon […]

Championship Omaha by Tom McEvoy and T.J. Cloutier

If you have to ask what Omaha is, you may have been watching too much Celebrity Poker Showdown. Texas Holdem may have captured the imagination of the general public, but hardcore poker players know there are more than Holdem games out there, and Omaha is one of the most popular of them.

Harrington on Hold ’em , Vol. 1: Strategic Play by Dan Harrington

When Dan Harrington came out with his three volumes of poker books exploring the infinitely detailed world of Texas Holdem, many felt that there was at last an answer to the books that, previously, held sway as the ultimate authority on the subject, Doyle Brunson’s Super System. Well, Dan is at it again, but this […]

Is Problem Gambling Relative?

Recent events with basketball great Charles Barkley have sparked debate over whether or not “problem gambling” can be a problem if the person doing the gambling can afford the swings that come with frequent gambling.

“The Professional Poker Dealer’s Handbook” by Dan Paymar, Donna Harris, and Mason Malmuth

The Professional Poker Dealer’s Handbook is the guide for pro poker dealers to make more out of their jobs and be successful at them. This paperback, written by Dan Paymar, Donna Harris, and Two Plus Two’s Mason Malmuth, runs for about twenty bucks and should be good to increase a dealer’s earnings by quite a […]

Book Review – Talkin’ About Poker: Straight Talk for Parents and Their Players

Poker has invaded the global culture, as anyone can clearly see. Poker TV is still a hot item, and there are more than half a dozen poker movies either hitting the theaters this season or in production.

Be Careful Who You Tilt

Poker is a game of many things: it is a game of math, it is a game of problem-solving, it is a game of nerves, it is a game of luck, and it is a game of psychology. Many times a player’s strategy will involve putting another player on “tilt,” which means to get them […]

When to Show Your Hand

Many poker players believe they should show their poker hands fairly often – at least, often enough to try and put their opponents on tilt. This means showing bluffs, and while some professionals occasionally do, the majority of them always say, “never show your bluffs.” That begs the question, then, of “when should I show […]

The Best Defense

How many times have you heard it said that “the best defense is a good offense?” While not true in every possible case when a good defense is needed, it certainly can be done in poker. The problem, however, comes in the individual player’s perception and definition of the word “good”.

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