Steve O’Dwyer prevails in the Super High Roller tournament

Some poker professionals have issued complaints about the fact that the highroller competitions in major series are now more popular than the main event. It is a highly debatable subject and a dissolution is yet to be reached, but for those who participate in these tournaments, the money is all that matters. Recently, the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure $100,000 Super High Roller took place and only those who could afford to pay $100,000 out-of-pocket even consider the possibility of attending.Steve O’Dwyer prevails in the Super High Roller tournament

The one who emerge victorious is Steve O’Dwyer who has also won the 2014 Asia Championship of Poker Super High Roller. These two victories, making one of the best poker players in the world and also one of the regions because he won millions of dollars in a matter of days. Once again, he was beat against a competitive bunch of players and none of those who paid a six digit amount were willing to give up, regardless of how for their stacks were.

66 poker players were bold enough as to invest $100,000 but most of them were eliminated well before the bubble stage and got nothing in return. In the second day of the competition, only seven players were left and all of them were guaranteed to receive a paycheck even if they were eliminated in the first hand. Sorel Mizzi looked like a solid favorite for winning the tournament, because he was already in a leading position and he had tremendous experience with highroller tournaments.

Luck deserted him when he needed most and had to settle for the first place and $660,000, setting up the stage for three handed play. Bryn Kenney was the next one to be sent to the rail despite the fact that he was extremely successful at eliminating players early on. The two remaining players have virtually the same stacks in front of them, so everyone expected the heads up to last for a few hours. This was not the case and 30 minutes later Steve emerge victorious and won $1.8 million

check out the final table payouts for the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure $100,000 Super High Roller:




1 Steve O’Dwyer $1,872,580
2 Roger Sippl $1,344,420
3 Bryn Kenney $873,880
4 Sorel Mizzi $659,400
5 Christoph Vogelsang $512,160
6 Sam Greenwood $396,920
7 Andrew Robl $313,700
8 Scott Seiver $243,820

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