Poker Terms

If you want to belong to the world of poker you should know its language. But there is no use in just reading terms and definitions. It’s better to use them in common life. Though if you used to play poker at home, I think you already know all these terms. I’m not talking about the terms like Brass Brazilians (or simply nuts), but about the very basic thing.

In case you don’t know them you’re in the right place. So, one of the first things that you hear in Hold’em is the blinds. There are two of them. But it doesn’t meant that two players should be blind. The Small Blind is a name for the first forced bet and it equals a half of a small bet (e.g. $1 for $2-$4 game). Then there is the Big Blind – and its size equals the whole small bet.

So, you’re sitting with the cards and now it’s time to announce the list of actions that you can choose:

You throw your hand if you don’t want to play it. It means that you fold.

It happens when you accept the bet, when you just bet the amount of the previous bet.

It means that you increase the bet size.

To raise when someone has already raised.

When you put all your chips into the pot.

You make your first bet and then it’s time to define the game states. It all begins with preflop action. Then it comes the flop when three community cards are dealt face down. The next stage is the turn – the fourth community card is dealt. And the last stage- the river when the fifth card is dealt face up.

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