Poker players experience different thrills in Kiev

Khreschatyk ClubWhen you sit down at the poker table and play for serious money, it is only natural to be somewhat edgy and completely focused on what happens at the table. The higher the stakes, the bigger the pressure and those who can’t handle this kind of pressure have no choice but to choose another hobby. While all these emotions are perfectly normal when playing poker, it is hardly acceptable to fear for your security and even your life when playing the beautiful game.

This is exactly what those who participated in the Russian Poker Tour last week went through, as the venue chosen by the organizers was the Khreschatyk Club. Located in downtown Kiev, it was only a couple of meters away from the area where the police and forces loyal to Pres. Viktor Yanukovych were fighting the protesters. Things could’ve easily gone out of hand and there were several buildings around this venue that got engulfed in flames, so the players were kept at the edge of their seats.

Electricity went out several times and even though auxiliary generators kicked in, the players were terrified by the prospect of things taking a turn for the worse. The Russian Poker Tour Main Event was supposed to be held in Ukraine and for some odd reason, the organizers didn’t feel like it was necessary to make any changes. As a result, the ones present at the venue ended up playing a game of Russian roulette instead of good old poker and the tournament was on the verge of being postponed.

At the end of day one, the remaining players were gearing up for the final table and preparing to overcome the first major obstacle, the bubble stage. They were aware of the possibility of the turmoil to move ever closer to the Khreschatyk Club, but were nevertheless surprised when the battle ignited at their very doorsteps. The tournament director told the players that the situation is under control, but announced them about the possibility of postponing the event.

In order to protect the participants and mitigate the risks of any unpleasant incidents, players were not allowed to leave or enter the venue. Being sequestered inside the otherwise luxurious Khreschatyk Club was hardly what they had in mind when the tournament began, but all of them understood that safety came first. This is only one stage of the Russian Poker Tour, but it is most unlikely for a new main event to be held in Kiev anytime soon, especially if the situation escalates.

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