Meet Soccer and Poker Dad, Ralph Perry

Now, what can a guy glean from one sport into another sport to increase his skill level in one or the other? Well, the obvious answer or clue might depend on the similarities of the sports. So how about soccer and poker? That’s what Ralph Perry deals with in his life.

By day (and sometimes night) he is a Soccer Dad and loves it. By night (and sometimes day) he is an accomplished poker playin’ pro. And loves that, too.

Perry (no relation to rock band Journey member Steve Perry), spends a lot of time on the local soccer fields supporting and cheering on his two boys, Joseph and Sean, on a team named the Las Vegas Tigers, joined by his wife, Merri. And although the likelihood that Perry is scouting and soaking in his kids’ sport of soccer for better poker hands is almost zilch, who says you can’t learn a trick or two from another sport, even soccer?

Surely there is the common ground of painful faces. Think about it. When a soccer player is kicked hard in the shins as part of the incidental contact/play of the sport, doesn’t that grimace on that stricken player’s face look a lot like the face of a poker player who has just gotten his or hers clock cleaned in a game-winning hand? Yes it does! However, Perry might tell you that there are other attributes of soccer that he enjoys – such as the need to strike fast when a clear shot is open (much like when you are dealt 2 outstanding cards). But then again, Perry just might enjoy better the opportunity to inhale the fresh air and the uniqueness of another completely different sport.

Make no mistake, however, Perry enjoys his sport, poker. With a sweet first place finish in the 2006 World Series Of Poker (Event 26 – Pot Limit Omaha), Ralph knows his own turf quite well. But next time you see him sitting across the table from you, ask him how the kids are doing in soccer.

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