Tom Dwan loses more than $4 million in a single day

When you play with the big boys at nose bleed stakes, you have to accept the possibility of losing huge amounts and this is something that Tom Dwan knows all too well. Nevertheless, when the poker professional announced on Twitter that he lost the largest amount in his poker career, everyone was curious about the […]

Ivey and Hansen lose a fortune online in 2013

Luck favors the bold, but sometimes it turns its back on those who depend on it. Poker players are particularly used to variance, as the very nature of their job pits them against the difficult challenge of staying afloat and weathering various storms. Poker pros Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen used to be some of […]

Meet Soccer and Poker Dad, Ralph Perry

Now, what can a guy glean from one sport into another sport to increase his skill level in one or the other? Well, the obvious answer or clue might depend on the similarities of the sports. So how about soccer and poker? That’s what Ralph Perry deals with in his life.

Justin Scott

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is the well-known slogan for one of poker’s mainline cities. What the public relations or marketing blitz from Las Vegas won’t admit is that for most of us what usually stays in Vegas is our money. And it can even happen to the pros, of course.

Graeme Newman

Graeme Newman is a man who recently proved that online poker is far from dead, and is offering greater and greater prizes for tournament play.

There’s No Place Like Home for Daniel Alaei

While other out-of-town players might have to fight jet-lag or hotel-napping and, if they lose, then suffer the long journey home with their tale between their legs, the hometown player like Alaei can stroll down the familiar streets.

Try to Keep Up With This Jones at the Poker Table

You don’t get much more American in name than “Jones.” Now, add the ever-popular, stretching-back-to-Biblical-times name of “Mary” and you might paint a picture of an All-American gal named Mary Jones going nowhere near a poker table, much less Las Vegas.

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