Pat Walsh and David Miscikowski break the ice at WSOP

Pat Walsh had to wait until the very last day to win a World Series of Poker bracelet and until the winner will be decided this November, he will remain the last player to win a piece of jewelry at the WSOP. It was a just reward for someone willing to pay $10,000 to participate in a pot limit Omaha tournament that started just one day before the main event.

The competition was tremendous and unlike Texas hold ’em tournaments, which tend to attract many amateurs, this event was packed with professionals. The fact that the buy-in was as high as the main event also explains why among those who struggle to make the final table were so many poker pros. Sam Trickett was one of them but he was eliminated before the remaining 10 players were announced, but Javed Abrahams, Marko Neumann and Matt Marafioti were still in the race at that point.texaspoker

In the final stage of the tournament, action picked up speed and one by one, players were sent to the rail, setting the stage for an epic confrontation between Pat Walsh and Javed Abrahams. Their stacks were evenly matched, so it was only natural for one big hand to decide the outcome of this tournament. Pat emerged victorious and won almost $1 million, while Abrahams received $570,000 and is still hunting for his first World Series of Poker bracelet:

  1. Pat Walsh – $923,379
  2. Javed Abrahams – $570,284
  3. Miltiadis Kyriakides – $412,408
  4. Isaac Baron – $301,369
  5. Marko Neumann – $222,549
  6. Matt Marafioti – $166,087
  7. Michael Shklover – $125,223
  8. Michal Maryška – $95,361
  9. Jonas Entin – $73,358
  10. Alex Kravchenko – $56,973 covers the success of David Miscikowski in Event 41 at the World Series of poker, a $5000 tournament dedicated to no limit Texas hold ’em players. There was no shortage of people willing to put their luck and skill to the test in this competition, even though $5000 is not a small amount even for a WSOP side events.

Due to the huge interest generated by this otherwise unassuming tournament, the prize pool was greatly exceeded and the winner was guaranteed an amount of almost $720k. Norbert Szecsi was hoping for another bracelet after finishing in the leading pack on consecutive locations, but this time he was denied the honor. Winning in excess of $440,000 for finishing second is more than a consolation prize, but all the glory went to the winner who added a coveted bracelet to a big bundle of cash.

  1. David Miscikowski – $719,707
  2. Norbert Szecsi – $444,425
  3. Manig Loeser – $288,912
  4. Margareta Morris – $212,202
  5. Oliver Price – $158,064
  6. Kevin MacPhee – $119,267
  7. Jean Gaspard – $91,037
  8. John Dolan – $70,265
  9. Blake Bohn – $54,792

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