Steve O’Dwyer prevails in the Super High Roller tournament

Some poker professionals have issued complaints about the fact that the highroller competitions in major series are now more popular than the main event. It is a highly debatable subject and a dissolution is yet to be reached, but for those who participate in these tournaments, the money is all that matters. Recently, the Pokerstars […]

Brett Angell claims top spot in UKIPT Event

The United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour is approaching its conclusion for 2014, but some great events were scheduled for September and October. Last weekend, another tournament was held and as always the tables were populated mostly by British players. This event has a national character, acting as a magnet for local players who dream […]

EPT teams up with Fantasy Poker Manager

The European Poker Tour is underway and the most important circuit on the old continent already set another important milestone in Barcelona. This was the 100th stop and a record number of players attended the main event and just as many sat down at highroller tournaments. Millions of dollars were awarded to the most successful […]

Buck Ramsay crowned Seneca Niagara Summer Slam winner

The Seneca Niagara Summer Slam was one of the last important series held on American soil, after the World Series of Poker came to an end. Some poker professional decided to tag along before embarking for greener shores, with the European Poker Tour set to begin in the second half of August. There was no […]

Pat Walsh and David Miscikowski break the ice at WSOP

Pat Walsh had to wait until the very last day to win a World Series of Poker bracelet and until the winner will be decided this November, he will remain the last player to win a piece of jewelry at the WSOP. It was a just reward for someone willing to pay $10,000 to participate […]

Bonomo, Kolo and Volpe win coveted WSOP bracelets

Some poker professionals are leaving opponents no chance when they compete over the Internet, but they are far less successful at live poker tables. The reason is that the two styles of poker are quite different and unless you have the ability to make the transition from one to another, victories can evade you for […]

Antonio Buonanno wins 7 digit amount in EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final Main Event

The last major live poker tournament to be held in Europe before the World Series of Poker 2014 kicks off is the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final. While poker professionals were particularly interested in participating in the highrollers tournament, regulars were more excited by the prospect of booking a seat at the main event. A […]

Why and how do players get staked?

The dream of all poker players is to have enough money to participate in the biggest tournaments, without worrying about the entrance fee. Only a fraction of them actually make it this far and even poker professionals sometimes frown upon the prospect of spending $10,000 on a ticket entry. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of […]

Gus Hansen showcases his skills as a squash player

Gus Hansen is not a one-trick pony and anyone who doubts his ability to be competitive outside the poker table will get a chance to be proven wrong. The Great Dane has some experience in the art of fighting and even though he traded the gloves for the virtual felt, he could still take down […]

Poker players experience different thrills in Kiev

When you sit down at the poker table and play for serious money, it is only natural to be somewhat edgy and completely focused on what happens at the table. The higher the stakes, the bigger the pressure and those who can’t handle this kind of pressure have no choice but to choose another hobby. […]

Proper table selection when playing online

One of the advantages of online poker, is that players choose the limits, the tables and play in a setting that comes very close to ideal standards. This is not the kind of luxury that poker players who compete in brick-and-mortar casinos can afford, but for some odd reason, not all are aware of these […]

Where is the World Series of Poker heading?

Poker professionals know for a fact where the hottest action takes place each summer and most of them book a flight to Vegas several months in advance. The World Series of Poker remains the most important competition and even though Texas hold ’em is the flagship game, there are other variants of poker represented here. […]

Andre Akkari talks about the impact of PCA on his life

Many poker players had their lives change for the better by a major tournament that they wom or by a significant payout secured in such an event. PokerStars Caribbean Adventure has been around for long enough to change destinies and the number of players is on the rise, prompting the prize pool to also grow […]

Johnny Lodden opposes final table deals

In one of his most recent interviews, Johnny Lodden discusses his opinion about one of the most common practices at final tables. Regardless of the buy-in, those who reach his late stage of a tournament have the prerogative of splitting the pot equally or corresponding to their chip stack. The reason for why players sometimes […]

Gus Hansen squanders October profits in 2-7 Triple Draw poker

Just one day after winning $140,000 playing pot limit Omaha, Gus Hansen returns and 2-7 Triple Draw poker where Kagome Kagome from Germany was waiting. The two players met the previous day and played a couple of hands, with Hansen losing a significant amount in just four hands and calling it a day. Confident in […]

Alpha8 series will take place in London

As far as poker players are concerned, Europe is the hottest gaming hub in October and November, therefore this is the continent where they spend most of their time. Granted the tournaments and highroller cash games in Macau are just as tempting, they won’t provide them with the opportunity of collecting World Poker Tour points […]

Big weekend for poker players at PokerStars

Poker players and those who have a day job like are looking forward for the weekend, although for different reasons. The latter are counting on a few days to unwind, while the latter are anticipating big profits as a result of playing in massive tournaments. PokerStars is hosting two of the most tempting events every […]

Brandon Wong emerges victorious at the WSOP

$220,000 was the reward for Brandon Wong after he prevailed in Even 50 of the World Series of Poker, in addition to the golden bracelet. 20 players returned for day three, and an explosive mix of poker professionals and amateurs made the final table. This combination led to a fast paced action in the early […]

Justin Oliver wins Event 38 at the World Series of Poker

When you set your objectives high, there is a good chance to fail but this didn’t have a deterring effect on Justin Oliver who aspired to win the World Series of Poker bracelet. The Canadian poker player bought in for event 38 and claw his way to the top throughout three long and tiresome days […]

WA State Poker May Become Legal

Washington State was one of the first of the United States to take a hard line against online poker, and in such a way that caused the poker playing community to shake their heads in disbelief. WA passed a law that made playing online poker a Class C felony, with penalties, fines, and the same […]

The Edge Hypnotizes Poker Players

Poker players are always looking for an edge over their opponents. In a game that depends so much on randomness, an edge is absolutely required to be profitable, whether that edge comes in terms of youth, stamina, math ability, experience, or charisma. Certified Poker Hypnotherapist Michele Burghardt wants to offer a different kind of edge […]

Online Poker Room Cries Foul

One of the very first of all online poker rooms recently caught a lot of flak for their decision to remove winnings from a number of players’ accounts. held a late December Christmas tourney that, according to the site, wrongly advertised a $19,000 added cash bonus. When they tried to correct the mistake, the […]

Dutch Poker Homes Raided

The world of poker seems to be shrinking in many ways, including the feeling among many poker players of being persecuted by their respective governments. With the U.S. Department of Justice now sending subpoenas to overseas banks about online gambling companies, the Dutch Department of Justice is doing their own part against poker closer to […]

Biggest Poker Prize Still Disputed

When former Hollywood agent Jamie Gold won $12 Million at the 37th annual World Series of Poker, it seemed like the perfect ending to any movie, but the story goes on from there. His reputed business partner in a WSOP venture, British television producer Crispin Leyser, claims he is being shafted and that Gold owes […]

Aussie Millions Record Entry Field

When poker tournament organizers set up a poker event, they have to take into account not only how many players may show up, but how quickly they can pare down the field to get to the final table.

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