Ivey and Hansen lose a fortune online in 2013

Ivey and Hansen lose a fortune online in 2013Luck favors the bold, but sometimes it turns its back on those who depend on it. Poker players are particularly used to variance, as the very nature of their job pits them against the difficult challenge of staying afloat and weathering various storms. Poker pros Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen used to be some of the most successful online poker players and the kind of opponents that nobody wanted to play against at high-stakes poker.

While both these players are still among the best in the world, 2013 has been most unkind to them and together they’ve lost a total of $7 million. Gus Hansen tops the list with more than $4 million lost just this year, while over the last three years his total losses revolve around the incredible value of $6.5 million. An article written in April and published at gave the poker community the heads-up about what the great Dane will be going through in 2013.

By now it is obvious that even if he suddenly rebounds and enjoys an extraordinary winning streak, Gus Hansen has a snowflake’s chance in hell of breaking even this year. Phil Ivey who is also nicknamed the Tiger Woods of poker, is mired in a lengthy losing streak of his own with losses of $3 million. Compared to the amounts lost by these two players, Scott Seiver and Rui Cao were actually lucky to lose $1 million each, but this is nothing more than a pale consolation for the poker pros.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we find Patrik Antonius and Niklas Heinecker who won a small fortune in 2013, but variance affects them just as much. Patrik was one of the few online poker players who lost a few hundred thousand dollars to Viktor “Isildur1” Blom this month. September is far from over, but so far it’s been a catastrophic month for the Swedish poker player who managed to lose $1.3 million in just seven days.

To make things even worse, the vast majority of these losses occurred in a single poker session, with promising online poker players such as RookieNFL, Sanlker and Alex Millar eating away at his bankroll. Cash games are becoming increasingly competitive online and although poker pros rarely go against each other and wait for whales, when they eventually lock horns results are unpredictable.

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