Buck Ramsay crowned Seneca Niagara Summer Slam winner

The Seneca Niagara Summer Slam was one of the last important series held on American soil, after the World Series of Poker came to an end. Some poker professional decided to tag along before embarking for greener shores, with the European Poker Tour set to begin in the second half of August. There was no shortage of local poker players, with a total of 339 participants paying the buy-in of $600.

As a result of so many players tagging along, the officials announced that the guaranteed prize pool was exceeded and the winner was expected to collect in excess of $50,000. Some of the poker professionals suffered an untimely elimination, but there were quite a handful who made it very close to reaching the final table. Even though Buck Ramsay is not exactly a very popular figure, or at least not someone that regular poker players will instantly recognize, he gave the professionals a run for their money.texaspoker

Twice he dodged the bullet during the bubble stage, but once he made the money he cruised to the final table and played increasingly aggressive poker. By the time the competition was culled and only six players were still in the game, Ramsey was the chip leader and the one in complete control the game. With four players remaining the possibility of a deal was discussed, but an agreement was not reached and the game resumed fast and furious.

Vince Palma was sent to the rail first and soon after he was followed by Dan Wagner, with the latter collecting almost $20,000 for finishing in the third place. With just two players remaining, a deal was discussed once again and this time both Buck Ramsay and Jacob Ostrander agreed on the terms. As a result, the winner was guaranteed a bit over $40,000, while the runner-up got a cool $33,000 for his effort. This is how the final table looked like and the corresponding amounts collected by each player:




1 Buck Ramsay $41,744*
2 Jacob Ostrander $33,770*
3 Dan Wagner $19,095
4 Vince Palma $13,318
5 Geoff O’Connor $9,998
6 Todd Saffron $8,420
7 Travell Thomas $6,620
8 Ray Book $5,484
9 Brian Healy $4,700
10 John Grace $3,721

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