Bonomo, Kolo and Volpe win coveted WSOP bracelets

Some poker professionals are leaving opponents no chance when they compete over the Internet, but they are far less successful at live poker tables. The reason is that the two styles of poker are quite different and unless you have the ability to make the transition from one to another, victories can evade you for a long time. The best example is provided by Bonomo, Kolo and Volpe, a trio made of highly competitive players that were yet to taste the glory at the World Series of Poker.

Bonomo, Kolo and Volpe

It all changed with the 2014 edition, when the three poker professionals claimed their first bracelets and won sizable chunks of money. The cash itself is a welcome addition to their already impressive bankrolls, but the real victory consists in the fact that they finally got to add the coveted piece of jewelry to their collection of trophies.

It all began with Justin Bonomo sitting down at the Event 11 – $1.5k 6-Handed NLHE tables and facing some of the best poker pros out there. This was one of the first tournament at the WSOP and it took a total of three days for a winner to be decided, but it was all worth it. Mike Sowers was by far the most difficult player to beat and the heads up was brutal but at the end of the day it was Justin who prevailed.

  1. Justin Bonomo – $449,980
  2. Mike Sowers – $278,518
  3. Daniel Strelitz – $180,587
  4. Lance Harris – $119,977
  5. Niel Mittelman – $80,341
  6. Taylor Paur – $55,703
  7. Sebastian Pauli – $39,635
  8. Viet Vo – $39,635
  9. Todd Anderson – $29,351
  10. Frank Debus – $29,351

Event 12 – $1.5k Pot Limit Hold’em attracted fewer players simply because the type of poker it promoted has less supporters. Nevertheless, the victory of Gregory Kolo was lavishly rewarded with almost $170,000 and a cool bracelet that represents the highlight of the year for the young poker pro.

  1. Gregory Kolo – $169,225
  2. Kazu Oshima – $104,513
  3. Dean Bui – $74,134
  4. David Martosyan – $53,328
  5. Tom McCormick – $38,898
  6. Dan Goldman – $28,769
  7. Ahmed Amin – $21,565
  8. Ryan Schoonbaert – $16,384
  9. Phil Collins – $12,610

Paul Volpe was not one of the favorites in the Event 13 – $10k NL 2-7 Lowball Championship, despite the fact that he is one of the best online poker players. For many months he dominated the Player of the Year leaderboard, a prestigious list kept up to date by the guys at Global Poker Index. They monitor the most successful tournament poker players and Paul was always among the favorites to win, but until now he didn’t have a World Series of poker bracelet.

The fact that he had to compete against the likes of Daniel Negreanu and Jason Mercier only complicated matters for Volpe but he didn’t let his steep competition have a deterring effect on him. He kept fighting until he made the final table and despite the fact that he had to compete against the aforesaid pros when three handed play began, Paul kept cool and won the event

  1. Paul Volpe – $253,524
  2. Daniel Negreanu – $156,674
  3. Jason Mercier – $99,313
  4. Brian Rast – $67,264
  5. Larry Wright – $47,792
  6. John Monnette – $35,549
  7. Abe Mosseri – $27,633

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